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About Us

Welcome to Royal Law Firm

Royal Law Firm is one of the leading companies in the field of law and administration, located in the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Our company has worked to promote teamwork in all legal and administrative scopes on local and international levels. It includes a group of experienced and competent lawyers as well as a document translation and customer service department.

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About Us

We have a lot of Experience in professional Law solutions

Royal Law Firm has been able to exceed the expectations of our customers offered to them in different matters related to legal and administrative services and consultancy, and its services extend to commercial contracts, bank operations, finance, markets, and intellectual property, and our company is committed to providing agents with legal services in a variety of high levels to help clients achieve their commercial goals and overcome the challenges and legal gaps that face them in Iraq as a whole and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) in particular.
Royal Law firm provides the best services and legal advice to the customers, citizens, and foreigners who seek to establish commercial, industrial, and investment projects. Our company enjoys a distinguished reputation in the credibility of the work in KRG.
Our clients are from various businessmen and companies of different sizes and the public and private sectors. The company registers oil and gas companies, financial institutions and agencies, general contracting companies, investment, and tourism companies and completes registration transactions for local and international NGOs, regional and international banks, and others.
Royal Law firm offers a wide range of legal services to ensure the needs of our customers Including legal transactions and pleading in all of the courts and their various stages, and consultation, and organizing contracts, data, legal documents, licensing, intellectual property, employment, tax transactions, and completion of jurisdiction and employment transactions for companies and international organizations.


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Our Services

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Legal Consultation

Legal advice consultation and Iraqi law inquiry: Royal Law provides legal advice and consultation about Iraq law. In various fields and applications of laws. Legal advice consultation and Iraqi law inquiry vary in different regions. In view of Iraq which is considered a federal state.

Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation trial lawyers Iraq courts: Dealing with issues and courts is not easy finding a lawyer in the field of courts and in the field subject matter more than half the way we consider issues and disputes the most difficult tasks facing lawyers or law firms’ lawyers and courts is a blend of intelligence and experience.

Company Registration

Royal Law has extensive and deep experience in how to register different types and activities of companies’ establishment in Iraq and Kurdistan local or opening branches of foreign companies in Iraq and KRG, also, we can buy company shares and Open the representative office for foreign companies in Iraq.

Oil & Gas Legal Affairs

Oil & gas legal services: Iraq is one of the countries rich in natural resources such as oil and gas. Iraq is one of the founding countries of OPEC. Therefore, and there are many legislation and laws on oil gas and other natural resources in both the Iraqi federal government and Kurdistan Region.

Visa, Residency & Immigration

Our law firm provides visa and residence for foreigners who wish to enter Iraq or the Kurdistan Region. For more information please contact us. Our company arranges many contracts, regulations and legal documents every year. To companies or ordinary people in the fields of oil and gas, trade, partnership, sale, rent, management, government contracts, investment, study, contracts and other services.

Contracts & Legal Drafts

Royal Law arranges hundreds of contracts regulations and legal documents every year. To which companies or ordinary persons are a party. In the fields of oil and gas trade partnership sale, rent, administration and government contracts investment study contracts for contracting and other services.

Tax & Transactions

we help our clients to facilitate and manage your tax obligations. We help you and your companies to perform the tax in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region such as income tax or real estate tax. We also liquidate the annual tax for commercial companies or services factories and commercial centers. And the liquidation of the tax that must be performed by the employees and companies they work for any payroll tax.

Labor & Employment

Labour Employment social security Lawyers. The team of lawyers for employment labors and social security of Royal Law practice law and qualified in this field. Employment labors and social security have a solid and strong relationship with the corporate department. Because they are the most prominent legal services for companies.

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